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Quality Lie Detector Services In Utah

Joseph F. Cottis is committed to making lie detector services convenient and accessible for both professionals and individuals in the state of Utah!

Meet Joseph F. Cottis – Polygraph Examiner

Joseph F. Cottis is a retired FBI polygraph examiner who has rendered his honorable and diligent services for the agency’s endeavors to fight for justice and enforce law and order. After his retirement, he decided to continue providing lie detector services to the general public through private practice. With his wealth of over 24 years of FBI experience, a vast pool of knowledge, and a high level of execution, he has helped his customers find resolutions and closures of their conflicts for the past 20 years!

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A Result Driven Polygraph Service

A polygraph machine or a truth verification machine offers a unique opportunity to establish ground level truth which is required to make informed decisions about various issues. Joseph F. Cottis applies his smart approach and advanced lie detector equipment to every case. While everyone can lie with a straight face, the lie detector equipment can easily recognize a person’s nervous excitement. Such indications include sweating, increased pulse rate and other vital signs that change as a person lies. With his accurate analyses of the readings obtained, Mr. Cottis can help you unfold the truth behind a lie in no time.

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