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It is difficult to come to a resolution when the facts are concealed or sabotaged! Joseph F. Cottis is an expert in the detection of lies and extraction of the truth. As a certified polygraph professional with more than 24 years of FBI experience under his belt, you can be sure of getting accurate results for any personal or office matter. Whether it is your partner’s infidelity or you are suspicious of a dishonest employee within your business, Mr. Cottis helps you get the truth so that you can to reach a conclusion easily.

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Reliable And Professional

As a former FBI polygrapher, Mr. Cottis utilizes accurate and methodological techniques and delivers a diagnosis that helps uncover the truth!

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Client Focused Approach

All polygraph tests are administered considering the sensitivity of each case. That’s why he offers personalized lie detector test services to our Utah clients.

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Strict Code Of Ethics

Mr. Cottis ensures privacy, respect, and dignity of all subjects participating in a polygraph test. We promise confidentiality and guarantee transparent results.

Advanced Polygraph Equipment

A lie detector test is primarily designed to ascertain whether or not a person is deceptive. Amongst all the methods available in the market, Joseph F. Cottis uses only high-end, state-of-the-art polygraph equipment. Mr. Cottis administers all examinations in a well-equipped laboratory to ensure that you receive the best services possible.

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